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Bejeweled Twist Cheats & Tips

  • Watch for sparkles; they show you potential matches.
  • Watch for patterns in the gems... an 'L' shape can usually match.
  • Complete two gem sets at once for a point bonus.
  • Make six good moves without pause to earn a Speed Bonus.
  • Try to get your Score Multiplier up as quickly as possible by making chains.
  • The Multiplier only drops a level if you miss a move when it's empty.
  • Keep the Score Multiplier going by alternating matching and matchless moves.
  • Max out the Chain Meter twice to earn super-rare Fruit Gems.
  • Fruit Gems clear all like-colored gems and have special powers.
  • Match Bomb Gems with gems of the same color before they tick down.
  • Bomb Gems can be destroyed by Flame or Lightning Gems.
  • Destroying Bomb Gems adds matches to your Chain Meter.
  • Blow Coals apart with Flame or Lightning Gems to get the Geodes inside.
  • Each detonated Coal releases one to three bonus Geodes.
  • Blow up multiple Coals at once to increase your Geode bonus.
  • Explode several Coals with a big Multiplier for a massive boost.
  • Remember: finishing a level clears Locks, Bombs, and Doom Gems from the board.
  • You earn Rank Stars at different rates in each game mode.
  • Doom Gems only count down when you move without making a match.
  • Only one Doom Gem can appear per level, and it typically appears around the halfway mark.
  • It's possible to make a 6-gem match... or even a 7- or 8-gem match.
  • Match 6 gems in a row to create a super-powered gem.

Advanced Tips

  • Take note of the transitions between Score Multipliers. When you've just increased your Multiplier, you have one free non-matching twist before your Multiplier drops. If you're careful, you can alternate match/non-match twists to set up a better board.
  • If you have multiple matches available and you're working on maintaining a chain, work from the top down; that way you won't disrupt the lower matches when you make the higher ones.
  • Keep an eye on the Bonus Challenge sequence. It's not easy, but if you get a chance it will greatly boost your Score Multiplier.
  • Be aware of how much more of the level you have to complete. Often, particularly if your Score Multiplier is up, you can complete a level before Bomb Gems get a chance to count all the way down.
  • Generally speaking, hang on to your Flame, Lightning and Fruit Gems as long as you can, as they are very helpful when you get in a jam.
  • Not only do Fruit Gems destroy all gems of the same color on the board when matched, but they also add 10 turns to all Bomb Gems.
  • Locked and Doom Gems announce themselves one twist before they appear. You can use this to put them in a more advantageous position, i.e. away from the edge or next to an exploding gem or a gem of the same color.
  • You don't have to destroy Bomb Gems as soon as they appear; you just have to get them before they explode. Keep them in mind as you play, but you don't have to take direct action until their counters get down to 4 or 5 or so.
  • Play Zen Mode and Challenge Mode to get a feel for how to create Flame and Lightning Gems.

Blitz Tips

  • A top score in Blitz requires clever use of chains and multipliers.
  • Try to store up as many explosive gems as possible until late in the game; you will earn far more points if you can detonate them all at once when your Score Multiplier is up.
  • Treat the game like you're going for a Speed Bonus; as you're making one match, find the next one on the board.
  • Be aggressive; don't worry so much about the Bombs.
  • If at all possible, go for the Fruit.
  • Try to keep an "escape hatch"; that is, a match you can make near the bottom of the board. When things get tight you can match it to shake up the board.

Challenge Tips

  • If you get stuck on one Challenge type, move on to the next.
  • When working on multiple detonations, create your exploding gems and then move them to the side away from your "work space" so as not to trigger them ahead of time.

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