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Cake Mania Cheats & Tips

The cupcake oven is an important addition to your bakery as it keeps your customers happy while they are waiting in line. It's important to know who to keep happy as this will lead to the maximum profits. The businessman tips $25 when he is fully satisfied while the bride, Santa and the old ladies tip $10. All the rest of your customers will tip only $5 when they are fully satisfied, so if your cupcake supply is limited, go for the businessman first to maximize his hearts. Also, kids get the most happiness from cupcakes, so one cupcake will fill their hearts completely.

Unsold cakes:
If you have a cake at the end of the round that has not sold, do the following to not lose any money:
1. Give the last customer their cake. DO NOT PICK UP THE MONEY.
2. Pick up the cake.
3. Pick up the payment for the cake.
You will not be charged for the cake in your hands. This will save you a lot of money when it comes to the double-layered cakes with decorations.

Tips submitted by our users:
Buy the microwave and decorations ASAP.  The game gives some clues as to what to buy when.

1.  Shoes
2.  Microwave
3.  Candle, no one will buy a cake with a decoration until the game gives the clue to buy it.
4.  Microwave upgrade
5.  Icer + Display tray
6.  Microwave upgrade
7.  Rose
8. will want to buy a 2nd oven by November...that is when you must make two- layered cakes
9.  Shoes
10. Bride, make double cakes with Bride for the display tray...extra $25.  If you can buy the bride by December, do so.

Upgrade 2 icers, 2 ovens, candles and shoes as $ is available. You will want to buy the Slider Candle by the time you get to the is popular there. The TV almost never rotates to a cooking channel....I think I've seen it once in several games. It mainly has cartoons, which keeps kids, Santa and Easter Bunny happy.  Rarely has news, which keeps delivery man and executive happy.

I would save the 3rd oven and icer until last to buy and upgrade. I can't seem to get past +55,000 points, but I think you can reach a perfect score of 60,000...I'm just not good enough to get there. Buying the decorations early boosts your score by a couple of thousand at the end of the game.

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