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Chocolatier Cheats & Tips

General Tips
-If you sell too much of one type of chocolate, you'll saturate the market and prices will plummet. Change up your recipes every few months so that this doesn't happen.
-Don't buy ingredients you don't need. Any ingredients that aren't being used in production will deteriorate in storage and be lost.
-If you haggle with a merchant too often, he or she might get mad at you and actually raise prices. It's best to reserve haggling for when you need to buy super-expensive ingredients like truffle powder.
-Before you can create more sophisticated chocolates, you'll have to upgrade each of your factories as follows: Squares - $25,000. Infusions - $45,000. Truffles $75,000.

Getting Quests
There are two types of quests in the game. The first is quests given by regular characters who are always at one particular location, such as Felix Baumeister at Queen's Park Savannah in Trinidad or Nicholas Schaeffer in the City Library in New York. Be sure to visit the chocolate shop, saloon and any special locations each time you visit a new port, because you never know when someone might have a job for you. The same person might have more than one quest to offer, so be sure to check back regularly.

The second type of quest occurs randomly, either while you're en route to a port, or when you click on a saloon or point of interest within the port. Characters like Sarah Hoffenpepper, Cyrus Rush, Habib Ialu and Bernard Shintero pop up all over the world with important advice, quests, and recipes and items for sale.

If you're in the middle of a quest, click on the Messages tab for a reminder of what you need to do next. Note: You can only accept one quest at a time, so once you've committed to doing something, don't bother trying to find new quests until your task is finished.

Marcus Trenton - Saloon, San Francisco
Felix Baumeister - Queen's Park Savannah, Trinidad
Hernan Valasquez - Calypso Cocktails, Trinidad
Nicholas Schaeffer - City Library, New York
Ole' Salty Dog - New World Spirits, New York
Acan Gucumatz - Chichen Itza, Merida
Frida Sanchez - Gran Plaza Chocolates, Merida
Fernando Verdez - Plaza Mayor, Merida
Candace Baumeister - Galapagos Islands, Quito
Helen Richardson - Bar de Olimpis, Quito
Susanna Solidad - Amazonian Rainforest, Rio de Janeiro
Agamani Anandappa - Jami Ul Afar, Colombo
Janean Tissa - Galle Face Green Confections, Colombo
Yi Huang - Sik Tai Yuen Temple, Hong Kong
Jarrah Tangye - Victoria Peak, Hong Kong
Dieter Baumeister - Golden Horn Delights, Hong Kong
Asalan Sozen - Kiz Kulesi, Istanbul

Ports and ingredients

It's important to keep your inventory stocked with the necessary ingredients to keep your factories running. Here's a list of ports in the game and the ingredients sold at each. Use it to help plan your trips more effectively and cut down on travel costs and wasted time.

Makola Market: sugar, milk solids, cacao beans, hazelnuts, coffee beans, mint leaves, cinnamon

Pettah Market: sugar, milk solids, cacao beans, almonds, coconut shavings, truffle powder
Kurunegala Cacao Plantation: Colombo Cacao

Hong Kong
Kowloon Market: sugar, milk solids, almonds, raspberries, coffee beans, cinnamon

Cevahir Market: sugar, milk solids, hazelnuts, bing cherries, coffee beans, mint leaves

Upper Thames Market: sugar, milk solids, caramel, almonds, bing cherries, mint leaves

Zoma Open Air Market: sugar, milk, cacao beans, almonds, cashew nuts, vanilla
Besalampy Farms: Mahajanga Cacao

Ingredients: sugar, milk solids, cacao beans, cashew nuts, truffle powder

New York
Canal Street Public Market: sugar, milk, mint leaves

Mercado de Santa Clara: sugar, milk, cacao beans, mint leaves, truffle powder
Granja Benalcazar: Quito cacao

Rio de Janeiro
Mercado Centro: sugar, milk, almonds, coffee beans

San Francisco
Ferry Market: sugar, milk, almonds

Central Sulawesi Market: sugar, milk solids, cacao beans, almonds, macadamia nuts, bing cherries, coffee beans, truffle powder

Paddington Market: sugar, milk solids, hazelnuts, macadamia nuts, bing cherries, mint leaves

Caroni Market Ingredients: sugar, milks, cacao beans, cashew nuts, Trinidad lemons
Le Farme de Port-au-Spain: Trinidad Cacao

Awards and upgrades

Novice rank - complete the Tutorial. (You can travel to Quito, Merida, Rio de Janeiro and New York)
Gold Bars Medal - collect 5 Chocolate Bar recipes
Entrepreneur rank (You can travel to London, Accra and Mahajanga)
Baumeister Confections Expansion Plaque - Purchase your first chocolate shop
Sensational Service to Squares Honorary Coin - Unlock 10 Squares recipes
Chocolatier rank (You can now travel to Hong Kong, Colombo and Sulawesi)
Uncle Edgar Baumeister Extreme Spirit Prize - Purchase all 6 factories
United Winnowers Local Medal of Honor - Collect 10 Infusions recipes
Southern Shipmakers Around the World Award - Visit all ports
Academy of Fine Chocolates Foundation Medal - Collect 14 Truffle recipes
Marten Baumeister Sr. Memorial Service Award - Achieve Master Chocolatier rank

Visa to Istanbul - After you've achieved Entrepreneur rank and have purchased at least one chocolate shop, be on the lookout for a random encounter with Cyrus Rush, who will offer to sell you a visa to Istanbul for $5,000. Buying the visa will enable travel to the port of Istanbul.

Airship - Some time after you've achieved Chocolatier rank and have purchased all six factories, Peter Schumaker will approach you and offer to sell you the Corporate Airship for $250,000. With this invaluable mode of transportation, you'll no longer have to pay any travel costs and your travel time will be reduced.

Sydney and Making Amends - Once you've achieved Chocolatier rank, purchased all 6 factories and earned the awards for collecting 10 Infusions and 10 squares recipes, build your earnings up to $10,000,000 and then talk to Evangeline Baumeister in San Francisco. She should give you the final quest in the game, which opens up the port of Sydney.

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