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Diner Dash 2 Cheats & Tips

  • Keep Customers happy by serving them as fast as you can.
  • The happier they are when they leave, the more points you'll earn
  • If Customers wait too long, they get upset and leave
  • Do not sit noisy customers near quiet customers
  • The more times you match a Customer's color to the seat, the higher the bonus!

As the levels increase, you'll unlock more ways to keep customers happy:

  • Drinks: Serve customers a drink while they're eating or ordering
  • Dessert: Happier customers are more likely to order dessert
  • Highchairs: Keeps the baby from crying
  • Snacks: Bring tables a snack if they request one
  • Mop: Sometimes a family might spill
  • Podium: Stand at the podium and chat with customers to keep them ahppy
  • Bench: Seat customers at the bench - its helps them stay patient
  • Phone: Call in some help!

Advanced tactics:

  • Abuse the Podium: Stand at the podium to keep the customers' patience up until the diner closes. THEN start to seat the customers.
  • Wait for it... In later levels of the game, let customers line up so that you can seat them more strategically. Seat customers that are going to take the longest first and the impatient customers last -- that way everyone will be ready to order at the same time.
  • Birds of a Feather: Remember to seat similar types of characters by each other. Cellphone Addicts and Families go together well. In fact if you do that, you don't even have to bring a highchair for the family. Young Ladies and Business Women do well together, and you should keep them away from Cellphone Addicts and Families.
  • Work the Crowd: While the chef is cooking, make sure you are serving drinks and talking to people at the podium.
  • Combos: Maximize your time by doing strategic combos (ie: give checks to every customer that has finished eating before you start picking up plates).
  • Colors Count!: Even if you have free tables, but the chairs are of the wrong color, do not seat new customers - wait until a table with the correct colors becomes free. You or the waitress can use the bench, the podium, etc. to talk to the customers and keep them happy while waiting for the right color. For some levels, it may be the essential to do this.

Various tips submitted by our users.
Level 28:

Don't use all the tables at the same time. Seat three groups, serve them food, chips, drinks, anything they want, and seat the waiting people on the couch. Use the hostess when it's getting crowded. When telephone-people are seated next to bookworms, don't serve them dessert. The most important is to seat costumers on seats of the same color.

How you get past level 40:
No matter what set 4 people, maybe 6 if you practice, and keep them happy and run between orders and the podium to keep them happy... Use the hostess she will keep people in line happy, BUT be careful, she disappears and you don't know it until it is too late... You have to do the snacks and caviar because they too rack up points... but NOT the drinks... IF you can, try to set the people that are alike together... and the joggers by the cell phone addicts.

Level 40:
Seat 4 at a time and serve all desserts and snacks requested. Call the hostess after closing when there are about 8 groups in line and you have just served dessert to the seated group. She will disappear before the end but not with so much time left that you can't keep up.

Before seating any group, put them onto the bench for a second and then seat them. This gives them a small boost that'll help in the end. I've been doing this, and it definitely helps.

Remember, get color bonuses - this really helps to get your score up - do this by trying to match the color of people's clothes with the color of the chairs. Even if you have free tables, but the chairs are of the wrong color, do not seat new customers - wait until a table with the correct colors becomes free - use the bench, and use the podium to talk to the customers and keep them happy whilst doing this, alternatively use a waitress to do this for you.

The key to Diner Dash 2 is, ironically, not to dash. Once you get a podium, it's very easy. Stand at the podium as your customers start coming in. On the harder levels, I seat four tables at the same time - so I wait for four sets of customers to pile up at the podium (with Flo standing there to cheer them up) then seat them all at once. I go back to the podium until all four are ready to order. I pick up all the orders at once, place them, then go back to the podium. It takes 5 seconds for the podium heart to "explode" and make the people in line happy. Once you get your timing down, you can cheer everyone up without losing points at your dinner tables.

I serve desserts (if available) at the same time to the four tables, and pick up the checks, then place my next set. Keeping everyone at the podium happy gives you the chance to pick and choose where you want to place people. The more often you match a customer color with a chair color, the higher point value that chair will be. Try to put moms with babies on the highest valued chair, even if it means not seating your families til last. Use your single and paired customers to build up chair color points. I've gotten expert score on almost every level using this method. Good luck.

Level 40:
What I found that helped me was to let the customers stack up in the line while I stood at the podium. Then once the line was pretty well full, I sat customers who liked each other (either all loud or all quiet) at ALL the tables. Then I went back to the podium to cheer up everyone in the line. Then I took everyone's orders and went back to the podium. Then I served everyone and went back to the podium. Once the restaurant closed, I called the hostess and let her stand at the podium. I found that color matching wasn't a big priority on this level, but keeping everyone happy was. By keeping everyone happy, I had a lot of dessert orders and I filled all of them! Then I gave everyone their checks and then cleared all the tables before sitting down a whole new room full of customers that the hostess had been talking too. I lost one set of customers and still passed the level. Before I used these tips I had managed to not lose any customers but still lost the level!

Be sure, if you can, to seat family's as close to the chairs and mop as you can. That will make it a whole lot faster to give them a chair or mop.

More Tips:

  • Step up to the podium! Use the podium in between chains to make sure you don't lose any customers tired of waiting for a table.
  • It's all about timing! In later levels of the game, let customers line up so that you can seat them more strategically. Seat customers that are going to take the longest first and the impatient customers last -- that way everyone will be ready to order at the same time.
  • Don't forget everyone's favorite part of the meal. Make sure you keep your customers happy so that they all order dessert when it's available to sweeten your score!
  • Everyone enjoys a drink on the house! If you see a drink station in your restaurant, bring drinks to the tables and feel the love.
  • Test your multi-tasking skills and earn a bonus along the way. Chain your activities and try taking a bunch of orders in a row Instead of completing one task at a time.
  • Cell-phone Addicts may be annoying to most patrons but tolerated by others. Families don't mind noise so it's safe to seat them near those chatty cell phone guys.
  • Remember those color matching games from kindergarten? Now's the time to bust out those skills to earn yourself some extra bonus points. Seat customers in chairs that match the color of their outfits and watch your score soar!
  • A crying baby needs your attention pronto! Mommy's lap is fine for play but a high chair is the right chair for toddler dining.
  • Nothing ruins a lovely meal faster than the customer with his cell phone glued to his ear! Try to seat these loud-mouth gabbers away from other diners.

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