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Mega Man X8 Cheats & Tips

Alternate ending sequence:
The character that kills Lumine (Axl, X, or Zero) will determine which ending sequence appears.

Axl's White Armor:
Successfully complete the game with all of Axl's metals and use Axl to defeat the final Boss with a double attack.

X's Ultimate Armor:
Successfully complete the game with all of X's metals and all eight armor pieces.

Zero's Black Armor:
Successfully complete the game with all of Zero's metals.

Zero's Sigma-Blade:
Successfully complete the game and load your cleared saved file. You can buy Zero's Sigma-Blade at the R&D Lab.

Hint: Defeating Bosses:
Just have both character's life at full and perhaps a Life Tank. You can kill every Boss with only the Buster and Saber.

Hint: Recommended Boss order:
The following is the recommended order of Boss to take on based on weapon weaknesses. Note: Vile is weak against Yeti's ice weapon.

Bamboo Pandemonium
Earthrock Trilobite
Gigavolt Man O War
Avalanche Yeti
Burn Rooster
Optic Sunflower
Dark Mantis
Gravity Antonion

Use the following Boss order, with the corresponding weapon weakness.

Optic Sunflower (Green Spinner)
Dark Mantis (Shining Ray)
Avalanche Yeti (Shadow Runner)
Burn Rooster (Drift Diamond)
Gravity Antonion (Melt Creeper)
Earthrock Trilobyte (Squeeze Ball)
Gigabolt Man-O-War (Crystal Wall)
Bamboo Pandamonium (Thunder Dancer)
Vile (Drift Diamond)
Copy Sigma (Shadow Runner)
Sigma (X-Buster)
Lumine (X-Buster)
Lumine, Angel form (X-Buster)

Use the following Boss order. Each Boss' weakness is the weapon acquired from the Boss listed above it. Though Earthrock Trilobite's helmet is destroyed by the gravity weapon and it does more damage, attacking with guard breaking moves (full charge, third swing, eighth shot) will only knock the helmet off and he will be vulnerable while he tries to return to it.

Earthrock Trilobite (weak against Guard Breaks or Gravity Weapon; harder as he is not distracted)
Gigavolt Man-O-War (weak against Avalanche Yeti)
Burn Roster
Bamboo Pandamoniam
Optic Sunflower
Dark Mantis
Gravity Antionim

Hint: Avalanche Yeti stage: Rare Metal and armor piece:
After you defeat the mini-Boss the second time (use Axl and Zero with Palette as navigator), Palette tells you that there is an ice path on the top pf the ledge. Go up there with Zero, then use Axl to hover over to the left to get the Rare Metal. Go back to that stage with X and Zero. After defeating the mini-Boss the second time go back up the ledge (before going to Avalanche Yeti) with Zero. Melt the ice with either weapon obtained from Optic Sunflower, then switch to X to get the Helmet H armor piece.

Hint: Bamboo Pandemonium stage: Leg Part I for X:
To get this, Ride Armor and Zero are suggested. After you get past the trap room (where you fight all the Ride Armors), kill everything here. As Zero, take the Ride Armor up on the elevator, hover over, air dash, then finally jump out and do a double jump. If done correctly, you can switch to X and get the part.

Hint: Bamboo Pandemonium stage: Buster Part capsule:
Note: Do not lose Ride Armor. Have X and Zero, and Palette as navigator. With the Ride Armor, get to the area after destroying all the enemy Ride Armor. Palette will say there is something old nearby that can be useful. First, take the Ride Armor up the elevator to the enemy Ride Armor. Then, jump to the left and press Circle with Zero in Ride Armor. When you get to the spikes, quickly double jump to the ledge avoiding them. Switch to X to get the part.

Hint: Bamboo Pandemonium stage: Rare Metals:
First, copy the roller guy with Axl. After you get past the elevator with the armor opponent, there are two elevators. Keep on the left elevator for two seconds then jump off. Get out of your Ride Armor and at the bottom there is a small hole. Use the ability from the roller guy and go through the hole to get a Rare Metal. Then, keep the Ride Armor and have a Prickle Barrier . Go through the spike floor and the elevator will move. You can now get another Rare Metal.

Hint: Burn Rooster stage: Rare Metal:
Have Axl and anyone else and Layer as navigator. Get to the area where you see a flying guard. Layer will say that he is copyable. Get the Copy chip from him and go back to the place where the two bats were hanging. Activate the guards copy DNA. You will see a small hole in the area with spikes around it. Fly into the hole to get a Rare Metal.

Have Zero and someone else with Palette as navigator. When you get the T breaker and the weapon from Gravity Antonion, return to this stage. Get to the part where Palette says you can break the floor in this area. Get out the T Breaker and use Gravity Antonion's move on the floor. It will break, and you will fall down to the Rare Metal.

Hint: Earthrock Trilobite stage: Armor capsule:
To get past the canisters and get to the Armor Pod, you need the weapon acquired from Burn Rooster. Just shoot and get the armor.

Hint: Gravity Antonion stage: Head capsule to X's Neutral armor:
Go to the Gravity Antonion stage. Use Palette as Navigator (Axl and X recommended). When you reach the room with two teleporters, switch the room twice and hover over the spiked area to the right. Land in the middle break and enter the teleporter.

Hint: Gravity Antonion stage: Zero's Rare Metal:
Zero's Rare Metal is found in the Gravity Antonion stage. Use Axl and Zero, with Layer as Navi. Copy the DNA of the characterswho walk and dash on spikes. It is in the room after the Skipe Block mini Boss, not right after. It is about the third room after, in the far lower left corner.

Hint: Noah's Park stage: Buster capsule to X's Neutral Armor:
After you complete the Noah's Park stage, return there. The door is now open at the place where you jumped up to continue.

Hint: Noah's Park stage: Rare Metal:
When you have the Icarus Armor, go to Noah's Park stage again with Pallete as navigator. When you get to the room where she says "Find a way to break those rocks above you", jump up and hit the rocks with the Icarus Armor. Up there is a Rare Metal.

Have Zero and somebody else, and Alia as navigator. At the first waterfall she will say there is a ledge that you can jump up to. That is where the Rare Metal is located.

Hint: Optic Sunflower Stage: Finish Practice Rooms Easily:
The following is a list of how to complete each room easily. You must have X (with either the Ultimate or the Neutral Armor; and the Giga Attack or the Nova Strike) and Zero for this level. The following items are also necessary to do this easily: The D-Glaive (For Zero), The Rasensetsu (the weapon obtained from Dark Mantis, it looks like you are performing a ultra fast spin in mid-air) for Zero, Shadow Runner from Dark Mantis for X, and the Giga Attack or Nova Strike. Note: It is easier to finish this stage if you have the Ultimate Armor.

First room: Ocean: Must defeat more than ninety enemies. Use Zero with D-Glaive equipped. When the enemies start appearing, use the Resensetsu. If done quick enough, you should have defeated ninety enemies.

Second room: Falling in Mid-Air: Must defeat enemy within ten seconds. Use X with Nova Strike/Giga Attack equipped. When you see the enemy he will pause for a moment in mid-air, just short of where you need him to be. Just at that moment, perform the Nova Strike or the Giga Attack.

Third room: Multiple Platforms: Defeat an enemy within ten seconds. Use X with Nova Strike or Giga Attack equipped. Most of the time the enemy will be behind and above you. You must turn around quickly and jump. then perform the Nova Strike or Giga Attack.

Fourth room: Rotating Gears: Must be completed within ten seconds. Have either X or Zero. You will notice two enemies jumping near you from either side. Wait for one of the enemies to get close to you. Then, perform the Buddy Attack. If done correctly you will defeat both at them at the same time.

Fifth room: Big Head Man: Must be completed within ten seconds. Use X with Shadow Runner equipped. Start jumping and shooting repeatedly at the enemy with Shadow Runner. He will get smaller, but become faster as he shrinks. You just need to keep up on him.

Sixth room: Conveyor Belt: Must be completed within ten seconds. Use X with Nova Strike or Giga Attack equipped. Face him and just use the Nova Strike or the Giga Attack.

Seventh Room: Two Guards: Must be completed within ten seconds. Use X with Nova Strike pr Giga Attack equipped. One of these guards will jump just before you attack him. Back up against the wall and turn around quickly, then jump and perform the Nova Strike or the Giga attack. Timing is crucial.

Eighth room: Spinning Dragon: There is no time limit. Either use X equipped with Nova Strike or Giga Attack; or Zero equipped with D-Glaive. When you encounter Spinning Dragon, use the D-Glaive with the Buzz Saw Attack.

Note: Vile may appear at one of the end levels. If he does, you may have to restart and try again. He also may show up in the eighth room. If so, you will not have to worry about a time limit; just be careful you do not fall off the train.

Hint: Optic Sunflower stage: Fight Cutman:
Start the game with a Mega Man X: Command Mission saved game file on your memory card. Immediately before you fight Sunflower, you navigator will say something about a signal marked "CM". A portal will open, and you can fight Cutman. He can be killed with a charged Buster Shot.

Hint: Pitch Black stage: Light Generator and Rare Metal:
Have Axl and X, and Pallete as your navigator. When you get into the room where Palette says there is a generator, have Axl go into a spotlight and copy a guard. When you get to the ledge where you jump down, do not do so yet. Instead, jump on the other ledge and copy the guard on the ledge. Jump up to the room and you will find a sleeping guard. Do the salute and he will open the door for you. Use the Plasma Gun or Thunder Dancer on the generator to activate it. Also in that same room, use a Charged Crystal Wall to bring up a Rare Metal.

Hint: Pitch Black stage: Rare Metal:
After you start the generator, continue with the stage. Wait until you get to the end of this room. Do not go through the door yet. Because the lights are now on, you will see two platforms above you. Note: The second one may be difficult to see.Use somebody that can jump high to reach the Rare Metal on the second platform.

After turning on the generator with Thunder Dancer or the Plasma Gun, walk out of the room you are in. Instead of falling to the lower level, double back where you came from. Notice that there are ledges to jump on top of. Use Zero to keep jumping the ledges to get to the Rare Metal.

Hint: Easy Metals:
This trick requires a Life Tank, but it does not have to be full. Spend all your Metals until you have less than 50. After that, buy the Life Charge Chip. Normally you cannot buy it if you do not have more than 50 Metals. If it works, you will see the Metal counter get crazy. You can now buy anything at the R&D Lab. If you take any Metal on a stage, the metal counter will drop to the top (9999999).

Hint: Easy combo multiplier:
You must have the D-Glaive Weapon for Zero, the Rasensetsu (the weapon obtained from Dark Mantis). Enter a level with Zero and look for a the enemy that shoots three rockets at you at the same time. Equip the D-Glaive and stand far enough from the enemy to where you will not kill him, but will still be able to get him to shoot rockets at you. Then, perform the spin attack obtained from Dark Mantis in mid air. After awhile you will rack up a large number of combo attacks.

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