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Posh Shop Cheats & Tips

  • Try not to look at the customers orders all the time because it will distract you, just make as many outfits as you can. You have to complete the outfits in front of you regardless of what the customers are asking for. If you look away and are not busy putting outfits together, they may fall down the stockroom, they will go back into inventory and you will have to pay a re-stocking fee. The best time to look at the customer orders is when you hear the clock ticking. Look and see what the last few orders are and get them done so you can finish the round.

  • The game can get hectic and you are being timed so the best thing to do is to make as many combos as possible. There are a few ways of achieving this.


  • Whenever possible you can do things in a certain order. You can place all the shirts with the corresponding pants at one time. Then go back and attach all the vests that belong to that outfit thus making several long chains at once.


  • When you are putting the outfits together, you can move the front piece that is not complete to the back by simply clicking it onto a piece that is in the back of the line. Let's say you have a 3 piece outfit to put together and you have a piece that is in the front of the line that needs 2 more pieces to complete and the third piece is not out and it's about to fall into the stockroom. You can click it onto whatever piece is available in the back and it will move out of the way until you are ready for it. Just remember that in order to achieve this you have to click the piece that's in front first onto a piece that is further back.


  • If you have to complete several 3 or 4 piece outfits in different colors, start with one color and do as many as you can in that color and move on to the next one, it will be less confusing. For example, match all the blue outfits first and then move on to the green ones.


  • If you don't want to do too many 4 piece outfits because it's too time consuming you will have to make bigger combos of the outfits that you have. If you don't make combos of 3 or more, you will not earn enough money and you'll have to start that level again. At that point your choice will either be to try again and make the combos bigger and faster or buy an outfit that will yield you more money per outfit


  • When making 4 piece outfits, try to match the 3 main pieces first and leave for last the hats and the shoes. The hats and shoes are harder to click because they are small and are either low to the ground or above all the other pieces. For example after you place the 3 main pieces, you can make bigger combos by clicking on the shoes or the hat last and you can get several done at one time. It's easier than doing them individually.


  • If you would rather start with the shoes or the hats first, it may be best to decide which piece you would be easiest for you to do. I found it easier to click shoes on all the pants first and all the hats on the jackets first. Then I would proceed to the rest of the clothing.


  • When clicking shoes and hats, you have to click directly on the article of clothing that you are placing it on or it will not take. I thought something was wrong with the program until I realized that I wasn't doing it correctly.


  • When you make a combo of at least 3 outfits, you will see a money bag coming through the line. The bigger the combo, the bigger the bag. When the bag appears, click on it repeatedly until it empties out so you can earn extra cash to buy clothes and power-ups.


  • To unlock the power-ups and 4 pc outfits you have to do a series of tasks first. For some of the power-ups you have to click on either 5 money bags or make a 3 piece combo in order to unlock it.To unlock the 4 pc outfits you have to first buy the 3 piece outfits that are on the opposite page before they can be purchased.


  • Everyday you start with zero dollars so make sure to spend your earnings at the end of each day on power-ups and new clothing. The money does not roll over to the next day. Depending on how much you have earned will determine which items you can afford to purchase. Sometimes you can afford both, the new clothes that will sell for more money and furniture that will give you power-ups. Other times you can only buy one or the other so decide which one will be more beneficial to you at that particular level.


  • Here are some of the power-ups:

1- ADD ON-It will add a needed piece of clothing onto whatever piece you touch and adjacent pieces.
2- PAUSE- It will pause the game for a few moments, this will give you time to catch your breath and make some moves ahead of time before the clothes start rolling again.
3- ROLLBACK- It will roll all the clothes back a few steps in order to give you a little more time.
4- $$$$-This adds on extra money onto the sale price of every outfit you sell. The amount varies from $1 to $5 per item.

  • As you get towards the last outfits of the day, the pieces you assemble and nobody wants to buy, will not make you any money unless you create chains that produce money bags. You can click on the money bags to get last minute cash.


  • You can earn extra money by selling a customer more outfits than she or he ordered of a particular kind. For example, suppose somebody wants 3 denim outfits that are worth $100 each and you create a combo of 5 pieces, that customer will buy all 5 pieces. You have just added an extra $200 to your bottom line.


  • It will cost you $10 for every article of clothing that falls back into inventory, so make sure not to let that happen.

    There are 2 mini games in the game:
  • Match 3 type of game that you have to swap items, such as basketballs, sunglasses, jewelry clothes etc. This mini- game will be played at the end of business Wednesday. The goal is to match at least 3 or more identical items in a row either horizontally or vertically. Try to make bigger rows in order to get more points and finish faster. Whenever possible start at the bottom this moves more pieces around the board. You can keep matching items, while other pieces are falling, you don't have to wait for them to completely fall.

  • Hidden object type of game. You will play this game at the beginning of every Sunday. You have to find the hidden pieces of clothing that are scattered around the store and complete the ensemble shown at the bottom. Once you complete the first outfit, there are 2 more to finish. You have a set amount of time to straighten up the store. Sometimes the pieces are hard to see because they are behind a person, shelf or blended into the wall. If you get stuck you can press the hint button and it will show you where an item is. The hint button takes 10 seconds to reset before you can use it again. If you click an item too many times, you will lose 5 seconds. You can actually skip this game if you're not interested in playing.

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