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Virtual Villagers Cheats & Tips

Their most urgent need is food, which you’ll find in limited supply at the berry bush. They will soon need additional housing, too, and there is already a partially completed hut that your builder can get to work on. Turning on tutorial mode (Help) the first time through the game will help familiarize you with the mechanics of playing Virtual Villagers. A good strategy for success early in the game is to make sure that you keep the food supply above the 300-400 level, if at all possible. Your villagers will be less worried about food, and much more productive if you do that. Don’t be in too big a rush to create a baby boom, or you might find yourself scrambling to save your tribe from the brink of starvation. There are some important points to keep in mind as you develop your own strategy for playing Virtual Villagers:

  • The berry supply is limited and you’ll need to find another food source as soon as possible.

  • Nursing mothers devote all of their time to caring for their baby and don’t do any productive work in the village for 2 years of game time.

  • Babies eat as much as adults and making too many babies too soon can quickly create a food crisis.

  • Any villager (even a sick one) can heal another villager, but healing is only possible when a villager’s status is “Sick” (check the Details screen).

  • Sometimes a villager will "resist" healing attempts by a specific doctor. If that happens, try to heal your sick villager again with a different villager.

  • Sick villagers need to be healed or they will weaken and die [*] Villagers can become weakened by such things as prolonged disease, starvation, on-the-job injuries, animal attacks, or old age.

  • Villagers who show a status of "Weakened" will generally improve in health over time unless they are sick, elderly or continue to suffer injuries.

  • The villagers need to be taught to perform a job – they will not initiate tasks in an occupation in which they have no skill.

  • You can view information about various technology advancements on the Village Tech screen by clicking on the “?” button for that technology. This information will help you choose the order in which to purchase new technology.

  • The villagers’ curiosity is often a clue to puzzles.

  • The children can find and harvest a certain kind of food.

  • Picking up a villager while they’re working will interrupt them, and they will drop the object that they were carrying.

General puzzle strategy guide:
Most of the puzzles are dependent upon some combination of Village Tech, villager skills, and other puzzles. Although some puzzles depend upon the completion of specific puzzles, the 16 puzzles are rarely completed in the order that you see them on the puzzle screen. Pay attention to the things that your villagers are curious about and the messages that you see when you take one of your villagers “exploring” around the island. These often provide clues that will help you solve the puzzles. Another good strategy is to drag one of your adult villagers around the island after every tech purchase and look for new things that they can work on. Most of the frustration related to solving the puzzles is brought on by impatience. It takes time for your villagers to gain the necessary skills and technology to work through all of the puzzles.

Is there a limit in the population size?
The population limit is around 90 villagers.

I always run out of berries before I can get enough tech points to increase my harvest level?
Try to put more people at the research table. Also you don't need to always have someone at the berry bush. If there's enough food in your bin (like 150 or so ... even 100 is good for early on in the game), allow that farmer to do some research. Then once your food dips below a certain point, put that farmer back on the berry bush. Remember also that children can spot mushrooms around the village and help increase the food level.

At what age can kids start working and breeding?
Working at 14 and breeding at 18.

How do you build buildings new huts?
Just drag a villager on the construction site (foundations) and he will start constructing. It may take a few tries to get the villager started.

How do I know where to start construction?
Drag the villagers around (hold the villager and don't let go) and they will tell you what they see.

How do you accumulate tech points?
Drag a villager to the research table (center of the village) and they will initiate research and start gaining points. You can also check the preferred skill box for research so that they prefer that activity over the others!

What can children do?
Children can spot mushrooms around the village. But act quickly, because mushrooms wilt rapidly in the sun.

Puzzle 6:
Here the lagoon must be completed. Then you drop a Master Farmer into the lagoon, and he will begin hunting a strange fish. This fish is only found in the lagoon, so don't even try the ocean, LOL! Level 3 of Harvesting is required for him to be able to find it. The pop up (Celebration time) about the fish will not appear until the farmer has placed the fish in the food bin. - Submitted by Blessyngs

Puzzle 11:
The temple is puzzle 11. The ruins found in the lower right will be restored as the temple. You must have completed level 3 of construction. Simple drag a villager (I use a master builder, though other occupations will help;) drop the village in the pile of ruins, and for their action it should say restoring the temple. If they walk away, keep dragging them back. You can also drag other villagers to the ruins and drop them there. This take quite a while to complete. Please be patient!  - Submitted by Blessyngs

Puzzle 15:
As for the Puzzle 15, the buried avoid spoiling it for those who want to find it on their own... Your tribe MUST have all 3 levels in Construction and Science. Here's a hint on finding the treasure....drop a master builder (as the treasure can ONLY be found by a master builder) south of the food bin in line with the temple...but I am not saying where on the temple. Drop him/her in the sandy area south of the food bin in line with the temple. Patience, as it takes them a while to find it. - Submitted by Blessyngs

Golden Child:
You MUST have completed the reconstruction of the temple, the idol, and the lagoon, and you must have level 3 in Fertility. Other levels of tech skills are needed also and you must have them to complete the lagoon, the temple and the idol. He is always a male and is very important to the game. The boulder cannot be moved without him, not can that orange plant in the back by the lagoon (that looks like it could bear fruit) actually become fruit bearing. Take a nursing mother and place her in the lagoon, babe in arms. The golden child immediately walks on the water and wears gold colored clothes. Your entire village will run back to the lagoon.  - Submitted by Blessyngs

Patch of dead flowers:
I drag a master farmer to the patch, where he/she will automatically head for the lagoon, (the action will read 'Watering strange patch' You do not have to worry about them using well water for this patch. They will automatically use the water from the lagoon ONLY! This patch requires an enormous amounts of water. I grab and drop every adult in the patch, and drop them there, and they all head for the lagoon. It is quite a sight to see the procession of them coming from the lagoon with their bowls filled with water.

After they have watered, your master farmers usually automatically continue to return to the lagoon and repeat this action. I suggest you keep an eye on the patch as your builders, researchers, etc...are more likely to water with their one bowl and try to wander off. Pick them up immediately and drop them right back in the patch and they will again head for the lagoon. Your farmers pretty much continue with the water on their own, it is the other occupations you may have to continue to pick up and drop back in the patch. This is another major project and due to the enormous amount of water required to restore the flowers, this one takes a while to complete.  - Submitted by Blessyngs

Herb Mastery:
The four plants necessary for herb mastery which is puzzle 8 are located in 4 places. 2 are on the east side of the village, the rose and the purple tulip/lily looking flower, one is in the back near the boulder. It is a cactus. The 4th is on the west side of the village and south of the lagoon. I am unsure what it is, bit it is a green plant with a round green thingy in the middle LOL. - Submitted by Blessyngs

Virtual Villagers - Getting Started - By Blessyngs
Hello to all! To those who are just beginning the game...these are the steps I follow to get started.  You may have your own methods. I have lost count of the times I have completed the game. My best guess is 12 as of today. These are some tips for getting started. I could write a novel here, so this will be done in sections as I think of something helpful, or as required by questions. The game always begins with 7 villagers. One is always a child.  As anxious as we are to increase our population, I strongly suggest you do not begin populating your village until your food supply is ample, as the children eat as much as the parents, and some of those crops take 5 hours + to come up! Also the nursing mother will do nothing but care for the baby for 2 years. (I have yet to determine how many hours that is in game time.) We don't want a valuable researcher sitting doing nothing so early in the game. And children will not work until they are 14 years old.

I have been through the entire game a lot now. I never tire of it, as the villagers are always different...some are stubborn with minds of their own, some are great workers, etc...I find the game exciting and fun each time I play and can't wait to see what surprises the game has in store. It is different every time, and I love it! The puzzles remain the same, but the game throws different surprises your way...'to drink the fizzy liquid or not to drink it?'  Hmmmm. I click yes for help regardless of how well I know the game. I personally do this with every game.

The adults in each game can vary in the number of each sex. I have had games start with 4 men, and 2 women, 3 of each and with 4 women and 2 men. I have never seen 5 of one sex and only one of the other. And of course you have 1 child. One of your villagers will ALWAYS come with building skills, and most likely carry the title of builder trainee. ALL jobs can be done by either sex. I immediately make one villager a farmer by clicking one of them, and then clicking details, and checking the farming box. (you can also change their first name from the details box.) One will already be a builder, and that leaves us with 4. I click all 4 remaining villagers individually and then click details, and I make them ALL researchers. I do this to ensure that the tech points from researching will begin to build. Try and get those points to purchase the second level of farming BEFORE the farmer you selected to forage has picked the berry bush clean. You could find yourself in trouble if this happens.

Drag all 4 of your researchers to the research table, as your builder will be building the first hut, and your farmer will be foraging. Remember your villagers are very curious, and tend to wander off to explore other things. Keep dragging them back to the research table. If they look at you and say "Uh Uh" LOL Just say "Uh Huh!" and drag them back to the table, they will eventually catch on to the research idea. Once your builder has completed the first hut, there is not much else he can do until you purchase the 2nd level of construction.

He can clean up the shipwreck debris on the beach, but I still let him do research to get those points as I know it will be a while before I have level 3 in farming which is fishing, so the debris on the beach is not important yet. I click on my builder and then click details, and check research. ( Once again, the villagers name can also be changed from the details screen.) Whatever job you have checked will be the dominant job they do, although they will do others providing they have some skill in the job. My builder is now researching and adding to the tech points instead of standing or wandering around doing nothing.

The first thing I purchase is level 2 of farming. In the beginning of the game, it is crucial to be able to supply food, otherwise you find yourself with no villagers, due to starvation. OK we have enough points for level 2 of farming finally. Go to Tech, click buy on farming. The game will give you level one of all the items in tech in the beginning. You must work for the others. OK, we just purchased level 2 of farming! You will see the soil just below the research table looks like it has been tilled. Now take your farmer and drop him in this soil. He will begin to plant and water crops. It might take him a few tries, so be patient. At this time, I click one of my researchers, and click details and check farming. Now my researcher is doing farming. So I have 2 villagers working on planting and watering crops. Please remember you can change the job of any villager at anytime by click on them, then details, and check the job you want them to do. Remember they are untrained in the beginning in the new job and need time to learn. If they walk away from the new job, drag them back. Continue doing so until they are doing the new job.

 When a villager is carrying something, be it a bowl of berries, veggies, laundry, a fish, etc...DO NOT pick them up! If you do, they drop the item they are carrying. The women will not drop the babies though. Now if you want a farmer who is doing laundry to harvest the crops, pick him anyway and let the laundry fall, because he is needed to do something more important than laundry. You may click on villagers carrying items, but do not pick them up, unless the item they are carrying is unimportant. (laundry) Laundry is not an issue in the beginning, but it is one the lagoon blockage is cleared. Any questions thus far, please ask!  Happy Gaming! xoxoxoxo's - Submitted by Blessyngs

Walkthrough: Virtual Villagers - 16 Puzzles and What Do They Mean? - By Blessyngs
Let me start by saying if you wish to discover all this on your own...READ NO FURTHER!!
I will be doing the puzzles from left to right, starting with the top row. Remember you villagers will celebrate at the completion of each puzzle:
Puzzle 1 requires a builder to uncover the well which will supply water to you villagers. If you use the help feature, this puzzle is accomplished during the tutorial. Simply find your builder by clicking the villagers and looking at their occupation to find the builder. Pick up the builder and drag him/her to the well. They will uncover it immediately.
Puzzle 2 is the completion of the hut which has some building done on it already. After your builder uncovers the well, drag him to the partially constructed hut, and he will complete it.
Puzzle 3 is the completion of cleaning up the shipwrecked debris on the beach. Your farmers will not be able to fish with debris on the beach. They cannot access the water until the debris is moved. Level 3 of Farming is required for fishing.
Puzzle 4 is the founding of the school. Drag and drop a master scientist to the east end (side near the food bin) of the building opposite the research table.  The action will read: Founding a school.
Puzzle 5 is the clearing of the blockage of the lagoon. You must have level 2 of Construction to complete this puzzle. Drag a master builder to the pile of rocks blocking the lagoon and they will begin to clear the rocks. This puzzle is very important. It must be completed for 2 other puzzles to be completed.
Puzzle 6 can only be completed providing you have completed puzzle 5, and you must have level 3 in Farming. Drag and drop a master farmer into the lagoon. He will begin to search for a strange fish. If he emerges without the fish, throw him back in. It will take several tries, so patience! And keep putting him back in the lagoon until he emerges with the fish. He will take it to the food bin, and the celebration begins!
Puzzle 7 is the discovery of the graveyard. You need 2 things to complete this puzzle.  You must have level 2 of Spirituality and a dead villager! Drag and drop an adult villager into the barren cracked dirt area in the upper right hand corner of the village. The graveyard is discovered and flowers will bloom. The villagers will celebrate and then begin burying the deceased. After the first time, they will continue this procession each time villagers die. All adults stop what they are doing and take part.
Puzzle 8 is the completion/discovery of herb mastery. There are 4 plants that one villager only will have to study. This gives the knowledge to the entire village and only needs to be completed once. I have done this with villagers in different jobs, though those in the healing jobs, and researchers master the herbs quickly. Each of these plants are medicinal herbs. Two are located on the east side of the is a rose, the other a purple lily. One is located in the back of the village near the boulder. It is a medicinal cactus. The fourth is located just south of the lagoon. Keep your villager highlighted so you can see when it say's, "Now your whole village understand the meaning of this herb."
Puzzle 9 is also dependent upon the completion of the lagoon. On the east side of the village there is the strange green patch/field where the little ones go when "Nature is calling! LOL Drag a master farmer to the patch. He will begin to water it with water from the lagoon, NOT the well. This patch is watered with water from the lagoon only. See how important that lagoon is?  Other villagers of different occupations may be dropped in the patch also, some will stick with the watering, some will not...just drag them right back to the patch and they will water. It is a sight to see the procession of villagers with their bowls of water.
It takes an enormous amount of water for the flowers to return. Patience!
Puzzle 10 is a strange one as you cannot complete it until you complete Puzzle 14. Puzzle 10 is the return of the fruit to the fruit bearing orange plant in the back left of the village just near the lagoon. In order to complete this Puzzle, you need the Golden Child (Puzzle 13) and the butterflies he summons (Puzzle 14) in the flower garden to pollinate this fruitless, fruit bearing plant. Did that make sense? LOL

Puzzle 11 is restoring the temple from the ruins found in the lower left of your village. Drag and drop some Master Builders over there!  Make sure you have Level 3 of Construction!!!

Puzzle 12 is completion of the idol. This is chiseled out of that huge rock that the villagers are so curious about.  In order to carve/chisel the Idol, they villagers must have completed the restoration of the temple, and have Level 3 in Spirituality!!!  Drag and drop your builders to the roc and they will begin chiseling.

Puzzle 13 is the birth of the Golden Child.  Before his birth, you must have completed the idol, the lagoon, and you mush have Level 3 in Fertility!  When these thing are completed, take a nursing mom to the lagoon and drop her in the water.  The baby immediately becomes the golden child and walks on water all adorned in gold. There is a great celebration.

Puzzle 14 is dependant on the completion of the flower garden, and the birth of the golden child.  Drag him and drop him in the flowers and he summons butterflies.  When you see the butterflies, move the golden child back to the orange fruitless plant back near the back of the lagoon. (Puzzle 10) The butterflies fly around the plant pollinating it, and the fruit returns.

Puzzle 15 is the buried treasure. Only a master builder can locate it. Grab a builder and slowly move him around that area until it says he sees something, or "Can something be buried here?" Then drop him. May take several tries. Other villagers will join in. Your village must also have Level 3 in Construction and Science. I think I gave you all a hint to the location yesterday. If you don't want to know, STOP READING! The buried treasure can be found south of the food bin in the sandy area. It is located in line with the temple and food bin. But where? ;)

Puzzle 16...last but not least! The moving of the boulder by the golden child.  An amazing little guy to watch, and throws parties at the most inopportune times sometimes, LOL And you did all that pushing for nothing!  Ouch, my arms! Party! Hot tub, and cook out! My house! ;)
Hints and things you didn't know coming soon to a puter near you! :) Feel free to ask questions! xoxoxoxo's - Submitted by Blessyngs. Special thanks for providing this excellent tutorials, they will be extremely useful for all our visitors.


Virtual Villagers Real Time: " To Move The Clock Ahead Or Not?"  By Blessyngs
We all know that Virtual Villagers is played in real time. The game will follow your computer's clock. One hour of game time is equal to one hour on your computer clock.  To change the time, I simply exit my game, and click my clock in the lower right hand corner. The clock screen pops up. I move it forward, and you must remember when moving from 11 PM to 12 AM, to change the PM to AM, and change the date.  I have experimented and moved it back, and it DID NOT reverse my game. It seems to save it where you click quit at.

Upon using this cheat, and returning to the game, all villagers were dead. I must tell you I killed my first 6 villages ::::sobbing uncontrollably::::: While we do know that an hour of game time equals one hour of computer time...there are many things I have been unable to determine. The game tells us that a nursing mother will do nothing more than care for her baby for 2 years. What we do not know, is, how long 2 years is in Virtual Villagers time? My best estimate is possibly somewhere between 3-5 hours computer time.

While I will admit that using this cheat of moving ahead the time on your computer's clock can be advantageous in many ways, I suggest not using it until you have reached the 3rd level of Farming, or know for certain that food supplies are ample, and there is no danger of losing your village to starvation. I have also had problems with the crops not coming up when they are supposed to. If you click on the dirt, it will tell you how many minutes there are left until the new crops come up. I have moved my computer's clock the amount of minutes it says for the crops, and gone back to no crops, 0 food, and 0 villagers. For this reason I advise waiting until you have completed farming, or are SURE you have ample food before moving the clock.  For those of you who cannot wait to populate your village, and have nursing mothers, I suggest waiting until your farmers are fishing on their own without you having to drag them repeatedly into the water.

The cheat seems to work fairly well once your farmers are fishing on their own, and you have a population higher than the original 7. You want to make sure you have researchers so the tech points will accumulate quickly. (hence the main reason for even using this cheat.)  If you have 6 or 7 researchers and move your time ahead 6 hours, you will return to a lot of tech points and possibly a beach cleared of debris, or an unblocked lagoon.  What a time saver! Using this cheat does not in anyway make your villagers complete the puzzles themselves.  You still have to drag them to the lagoon where you get the action 'Clearing blockage' or to the strange patch where the action is \'Watering strange patch\' or 'Restoring the ruins.'  These puzzles can take quite a while to finish. Then again, you can also turn your computer off, go to bed, and come back to find the same things completed in the morning.

You cannot make the Golden Child move the boulder, however you may find it moved upon returning from moving your clock ahead.  I once moved it ahead 24 hours and my villagers still had not finished digging and uncovering the buried treasure. These little people are slow, I tell ya! LOL. To sum things up, the cheat is helpful in getting those huge amounts of tech points needed for the 3rd level of everything, and a time saver once you have established your villagers are in NO danger of starvation!!  When you have finished playing for the day, you may reset your clock to the correct time and date, and there will be NO reversal in the game. That's about it on using your clock to speed thing up! Please feel free to ask any question's!

Play around with your game and experiment moving the time maybe only an hour ahead at a time to start. You won\'t notice much difference with an hour though, but check it out and see for yourself!  I have completed this game many times, and have begun to set new strategies for, how fast can I clear the blockage in the lagoon from the beginning of the game?  How fast can I go from start to the blooming of flowers in the strange patch?  There is just no end to what you can do with this game! As I said earlier, I am now getting only 6 villagers to start and 50 units of food, and 500 less berries on the bush! The more times you play, the more things change, and the more of a challenge the game becomes.

I am unsure if this is really a cheat per say...since we are just making time go faster and the villagers are doing the same things they would be doing if we did not move the clock....Hmmmm. To Move The Clock Or Not? You Decide! Happy Gaming! xoxoxoxo's  - Submitted by Blessyngs.


More hints for the 16 puzzles:
You can safely browse these if you just need a gentle push in the right direction. Each puzzle is referred to by number. The puzzles are counted sequentially, with 1 being the leftmost puzzle in the top row, and 16 being the rightmost puzzle in the bottom row.

- Puzzle 1 is something that a builder can to do to provide a source of fresh water for your tribe.

- Puzzle 2 allows your population to grow larger by providing additional housing for your villagers.

- Puzzle 3 allows access to the ocean. Villagers don’t like dirty beaches.

- For Puzzle 4 you should take a highly skilled villager exploring just north of the research table.

- Puzzle 5 requires a certain level of Village Tech. Take a villager exploring in the northwest portion of the island.

- Puzzle 6 requires a certain level of Village Tech, a highly skilled villager, and the completion of puzzle 5.

- Puzzle 7 allows your poor, departed villagers to receive a proper burial. Level 2 of a certain Village Tech is required, along with a peaceful place away from the hubbub of village life.

- Puzzle 8 has no dependency on either Village Tech or other puzzles, and can be completed very early in the game. It involves more than one game location.

- Puzzle 9 depends upon the completion of puzzle 5. Take a villager exploring on the east side of the village.

- Puzzle 10 depends upon the completion of puzzle 14. Take a special person exploring the island.

- Puzzle 11 requires a certain level of Village Tech. Take a villager exploring on the southeast side of the village.

- Puzzle 12 depends upon the completion of puzzle 11 and additional Village Tech. Take a villager exploring on the west side of the village.

- Puzzle 13 will produce a very special person who will be able to do very special things. Certain levels of Village Tech and the completion of the idol are required to complete this puzzle.

- Puzzle 14 depends upon the completion of Puzzle 13. Take the special person exploring the island.

- Puzzle 15 has no dependency on other puzzles. It can be solved as soon as you have the necessary Village Tech and a villager who has mastered a specific skill. Unlike the way you located the other puzzles, you have to actually [b]drop[/b] your skilled villager in the right place to find what you're looking for. Dragging him around the island won't reveal the location.

- Puzzle 16 depends upon the completion of puzzle 13. A special person will do something that no other villager can do.

If you've unblocked the magical lagoon take a mother with her child & put her in the lagoon.. That seems to be the ticket to the whole thing. The mother than has a golden child which is 1 of the puzzles, the golden child then moves that pain staking boulder, makes fruit grow on the fruitless tree, makes crops grow, summons the butterflies, fills the berry tree, makes the garden grow etc. He's the key to it all. Good Luck - Submitted by Harbour_Lights

Puzzle hints:
Puzzle 1: "Why is this well covered?

Puzzle 2: "Let's build a house from this scaffold!"

Puzzle 3: "I can't swim in this water. There's too much smashed Boat Debris..."

Puzzle 4: "I have finally mastered researching! Now let me see what buildings I can convert..."

Puzzle 5: "All these rocks are closing this stream!"

Puzzle 6: "I've just caught a great food source in the lagoon!"

Puzzle 7: "My mother jhas died! I should bury her in that calm and peaceful clearing."

Puzzle 8: "Look at all these herbs. I should study them."

Puzzle 9: "Now that the lagoon is opened, let's water the plants with some better water.

Puzzle 10: Someone special regarding Puzzle 13 will do something to the flowers from Puzzle 9.

Puzzle 11: "These Ruins sure need a tuneup."

Puzzle 12: The mystery of the Big Silvery Rock is solved.

Puzzle 13: "He just crawled out of my hands and into the lagoon. Naturally I went in with him. When he came out, something happened."

Puzzle 14: "After he came out, he went to the Berry bush and summoned Butterflies!"

Puzzle 15: "What's this in between the ruins, the Laundry closet and the food bin!?!"

Puzzle 16: " My baby! He just pushed over a boulder? What has happened to him since he crawled into the lagoon?"  - Submitted by Thessalor

Tips - Mushrooms:
If you drag 2 or more children to pick a mushroom, all kids will be able to pick one and you will be bringing more food to the food basket. Make sure you do this really fast though, because these mushrooms can evaporate fast. - Submitted by mimi

Tip - Research:
Once the quests are done the villagers don't want to research anymore, so get 3 or 5 females to do research and 3 or 5 females to learn to be doctors and 3 or 5 females to be builders, then make them all become trainee parents, then you have the ultimate balance.  Your gen-x will have ample doctors, scientists and builders along with your too many farmers.  - Submitted by Hmmm

Cheat - Using time:
Here is a cheat for you you set your desk date to the year 1990 & start your game.
Pick the one with Seven villagers One Farmer, Two Builders, Two Researchers, One doctor, One kid. Let them learn thing when they Know what to do. Change the date to 1991 Buy thing start making kids & let them learn new things. Keep doing this  & it will speed up the game for you. Have fun. - Submitted by Apple

Mushroom spawning:
Caveats:  Not sure if this is a cheat, exploit or what.  Also, just found this out, so have not determined exactly how it works. Mushroom spawning seems to be related to foraging.  Having a Master Farmer forage seems to create a mushroom all the time, whereas Adept or Trainee farmers spawn it only part of the time.  Other factors may be involved (a time lapse, crops and fish work too) so this needs feedback from others.  Note that this can keep a village alive so long as the game is played actively, there are plenty of children (use exploit where multiple children can quickly pick the same mushroom) and berries remain in the bush (berries seem to respawn somehow if not completely picked) - Submitted by Jay Bee

I was just wondering if any one else noticed that you can bang the drum next to school and all the children come running and move to the beat you play.  I just thought it was kind of fun!
 - Submitted by Jo

You can capitalize on the mushrooms if you have multiple children. Pause the game, then drag and drop each child on the mushroom, and then begin play again. This usually results in multiplication of the mushroom. - Submitted by M13

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