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Warrior Kings: Battles Cheats & Tips

Effect Code
Extra resources gimmegimme
Full map doyousee
Tougher units makemenails

Hint: Easy money or materials:
This trick will only work if you are the pagan and are stuck of money or materials. Build a "Temple Of The Moon", then build an Arch Druid. Go up to a gold or stone mine and create a Gold or Stone Elemental. Then, kill the Gold or Stone Elemental. This will leave 10 to 15 bits of gold or material on the floor. Keep repeating the process until you have between 200 to 300 pieces of gold or material on the floor. Send a group of peasants over the gold or stone and get them to collect it.

Hint: Lucky Wagons:
Do not forget to use the Lucky Wagons. An easy way to locate them to enable the doyousee code. Then on the mini-map, click on the "Toggle Resources" button. This will leave you with your town and the enemies colors on the map as well as some black dots. Go and look at the black dots. If the Lucky Wagon is there, send a Knight or the nearest unit the wagon. Even if you have reached the population limit, it will still allow you to use them.

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