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Zuma Deluxe Cheats & Tips

<Settings id="lvl11" speed="0.5" start="35" score="1000" repeat= (etc…)

"lvl11" means level 1-1. If you want to slow down the speed of the balls for this level, change the speed value from "0.5" to "0.2". If you are stuck on a higher level (for example, level 12-7), go down a few more lines to where "lvl127" appears, then change its speed value to "0.2". Note: Do not confuse the "lvl11" line above with the "level11" line in the same file.

Level select:
Note: This procedure involves editing a game file; create a backup copy of the file before proceeding. Use a text editor to edit the "levels.xml" file in the "\zuma deluxe!\levels\" folder. Scroll down near the bottom until you see the following line:


stage1 = "spiral,claw,riverbed,targetglyph,blackswirley"

diffi1 = "lvl11,lvl12,lvl13,lvl14,lvl15",etc...

Change the level name to your choice. For example, to change Dark Vortex, Level 1-5, to Spiral of Doom, change "blackswirley" to "spiral". To find out what name corresponds to what level, look in "cached_thumbnails" in the same folder and switch to filmstrip view in Windows Explorer, in "Views" on the top, by "Folders". It will show a large picture at the top and thumbnails at the bottom.

Move the mouse pointer over the following options (in order) at the main menu: "Adventure", "Gauntlet", "Options", "More Games", "Quit", "Adventure", "Gauntlet", "Options", "More Games", "Quit", "Adventure", "Gauntlet", "Options", "More Games", "Quit".

Control level background:
In level 13-1 (space), press S to stop the stars from moving.

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