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There's no scandal you can't handle. Build your tabloid into the most 'respected' paper in this industry!

Play a military simulation game that focuses on action, including many real-life scenarios!

It is 1960 and the peace of Planet Earth is shattered as an aggressive alien species starts a full scale invasion!

Thief: Deadly ShadowsThief: Deadly Shadows

Sneak through the shadows of forbidding prisons, haunted cathedrals, subterranean ruins, in a dark and sinister city!

Tomb Raider: Angel of DarknessTomb Raider: Angel of Darkness

Accused of the murder of her mentor, Werner Von Croy, Lara becomes a fugitive on the run!

Tomb Raider: LegendTomb Raider: Legend

Join Lara in her biggest adventure to date in the phenomenal Tomb Raider series. Prepare to be amazed!

Experience a rare combination of strategy and hidden object gameplay, exploring the many islands of Totem Tribe!

Climb into the driver's seat of a pumped-up 4x4 and turn this right-off-the-lot machine into a genuine Modified Monster!

Mini-golf with a twist, putt your way through the kitchen, living room and other indoor locations in this original game!

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